COSHH & LEV Testing

Air Plants Dust Extraction

If you operate a LEV system under the COSHH regulations your company has an obligation to maintain the performance of the LEV system to minimise the risk of exposing workers to airborne contaminates.

The regulations state that the LEV systems should be thoroughly examined and tested every 14 months.

We offer a complete COSHH Assessment, LEV Testing and dust monitoring service carried out by BOHS P601 qualified engineers in accordance with COSHH 2002 regulations and HSG 258 guidelines.

COSHH & LEV Testing - Air Plants

Our LEV Test Involves:

  • 1. Examination & Test

    A thorough examination and test of the LEV system against the commissioning report (or equivalent) will be provided, using the full range of relevant assessment techniques.

  • 2. “Flag-Up” Failure

    All hoods will be tested, and red labels will be issued for those that fail.

  • 3. Reporting

    You will be provided with a comprehensive test report with details relating to the performance of the system along with recommendation for any remedial actions.

  • 4. Provide Remedies

    We detect and remedy system defects to ensure that the LEV system continues to deliver effective control.

  • 5. Compliance

    We can provide advice on how to ensure your system complies with ever changing regulations.

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