CEF Shaker Dust Units

An excellent solution for very fine and small particles of dust

Air Plants CEF Shaker Dust Units

The CEF is a robust completely self-contained dust collector, with a high-efficiency multi-sleeve bag filter element, integral fan, acoustic attenuator, side-mounted shaker cleaning motor and automatic cleaning controller.

The CEF unit is ideally suited to handle large and small volumes of dusts produced in a range of industries including woodworking, boat and caravan manufacture, as well as wood dust, these dust extraction units are also suitable for handling metal work grinding dust.
The unit cleans down when the fan is not running, therefore, to ensure effective extraction it is only recommended for intermediate use.

Air Plants CEF Shaker Unit

Product Features:

  • Constructed from carbon steel finished with paint suitable for the environment
  • Suitable for air volumes from 2000 m³/hr to 7000 m³/hr
  • Collection bin with quick release mechanism
  • Supplied with single or three phase solutions
  • Can be sited internally or externally
  • ATEX options available
  • Compliant with COSHH & EPA requirements

Benefits of the CEF Shaker Unit

  • Self-contained dust collector
  • Does not require compressed air
  • Low cost solution for small workshops
  • Low operating costs

Air Plants Small Dust Unit Range

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