Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd supply a full range of Ecogate products

Installing an EcoGate system can:

  • Improve fan suction
  • Greatly improve the efficiency of your extraction system
  • Significantly reduce noise levels at the fan and inside the workshop
  • Reduce maintenance and increase the lifetime of fans
  • Offer flexibility, servicing from just two or three to a large volume of machines
Air Plants Ecogate

How the Ecogate system works

When a machine is turned on, the remote sensor signals the control unit and a motorised gate is opened to allow extraction for that machine.

The controller determines the optimum fan speed, using variable speed technology.

When the machine is turned off, the gate closes and the fan speeds adjusts, meaning you only use power when it’s needed.

Maintaining minimum airflow in the duct system and opening additional gates when necessary will prevent sawdust setting in the duct system.

Air Plants Dust Unit Range

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