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Air Plants Dry Spray Booths

Our bespoke dry filter spray booths are ideally suitable for medium to large volumes of spraying paint, lacquer and adhesives and sized to suit your application.

The booths are constructed from preformed panels manufactured from high quality 18 SWG (1.2mm) galvanised steel sheet. The booths have a smooth interior surface to facilitate easy cleaning.

The modular panel construction allows for the booth to be reconfigured to suit your future needs.

The booths are supplied complete with disposable 90mm wide paper pleat filters, fan, fan starter and ductwork.

We can also install and commission the booth and provide whole life maintenance, if required.

Air Plants Dry Spray Booth

Product Features:

  • Ideal for medium to large volumes of spraying
  • Small footspace
  • Limit time spent on cleaning up
  • Sized to suit your application
  • Manufactured from prime quality 18 SWG (1.2mm) galvanised sheet steel
  • Bolted construction
  • Smooth interior surface to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Easy to change, disposable 90mm wide paper pleat filters
  • Removes sticky paint particles allowing clean air to be discharged
  • Polypropylene blade fan with externally mounted motor
  • Push-button D.O.L starter
  • Optional additional booth depth with extra bolted / hinged panels
  • Compliance with COSHH & EPA requirements

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