Cyclone Separator

Removes a high percentage of incoming dust

Air Plants Cyclone Separator

The pre-separator cyclone is used to reduce the partial loading of the polluting elements present in the air, to limit the dust load arriving at the filter.

The separator cyclone is able to remove a high percentage of the incoming dust by exploiting the centrifugal force to which the dispersed particles are subjected. Our cyclones are sturdy, economical, easy to install and transport and require very little maintenance.

All Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd cyclones and associated equipment are manufactured in our own factory in Leicester. The full range of associated equipment including surge hopper, support structure, discharge valves or bins, are also manufactured by us. Standard range: 1,530m³/h 760mmØ to 34,000m³/h 3800mmØ.

Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd will design and manufacture the cyclone to suit your application. All cyclones are manufactured from mild steel of welded construction with flanges as required to allow easy transportation of the cyclone

How it Works

The airflow to be treated is ducted tangentially within the cyclone, accelerated and driven to describe a circular trajectory. The particles, due to the effect of centrifugal force, separate from the airflow and are distributed against the wall of the cyclone. After, the particles are dragged by the force of gravity to the lower part of the filter, where they are collected.

Air Plants Cyclone Separator

Separation efficiency depends on:

  • Average particle size (particle size distribution)
  • Average specific weight of the particles
  • Air flow rate
  • Construction geometry of the cyclone