Modulair Bag Dust Collectors

An excellent solution for large sized dust particles

Air Plants Modulair bag Dust Collectors

Part our ‘ECO Range’ of modular filters, Modulair Dust Units are suitable for medium to large-sized applications and can be installed externally or internally in larger buildings. The units are ideally suited for workplaces operating a single shift per day.

The filters have a unique non-blocking filter sleeve arrangement together with careful airflow modelling.

Modulair Bag Dust Collectors - Air Plants

Product Features:

  • Resistance to airflow of less than 250Pa resulting in smaller fan motors and lower running costs.
  • Unique filter sleeve cleaning system designed to ensure excellent primary ‘cake’ retention
  • Filter sleeves have anti-static dust release coatings to ensure excellent secondary ‘cake’ release
  • Each filter sleeve is protected from chip degradation by steel inlet guards
  • Constructed from high quality galvanised carbon steel with option for paint finish suitable for its environment
  • Suitable for dusts & particles between 5µm to 20mm
  • Specially developed drop out chamber fitted with non-return flap to prevent dust re-entry into workplace
  • Automated cleaning on shutdown
  • Fully integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) system
  • A heavy-duty screw conveyor removes waste in a controlled manner
  • Compliant with COSHH & EPA requirements

Benefits of Modulair Dust Collectors

  • Low resistance to air flow, resulting in smaller fan motors and lower running costs
  • Cleaned air can be recirculated to reduce heat loss from workplace to save on heating costs
  • No compressed air requirement
  • A heavy-duty screw conveyor drastically reduces maintenance costs compared to scraper conveyors
  • Prolonged filter sleeve life is achieved by protecting the sleeves from damage by chips
  • • The filter unit to be extended to accommodate additional filter sleeves, should the air volume requirement increase.
  • Configurable to suit the space available

Air Plants Dust Unit Range

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